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Forecasting weather a "piece of p*ss" says Wales boss

Wayne Pivac not impressed with so called weather experts.

Wales coach Wayne Pivac has launched a scathing criticism of weather presenters after they continued to get forecasts wrong, even insisting he could do a better job.

As everyone is entitled to, Pivac, 59 and 3 quarters, aired his own views on the reports and it's fair to say the former Scarlets man was less than impressed.

"Do #meteorologists actually understand weather?" he posted under his Twitter account @Remember2017. "These forecasts show no knowledge. Clueless. As for the #HeatWave comments, just bollocks, as history shows. Are the @metoffice just going to put up with this? I could do a better job myself!"

The New Zealander continued, "Most of it is just guess work anyway. How hard can it be? We're in Wales. It's going to be mild most of the time with a bit of rain. It might be sunny in August and some snow in February. I can work out whether I need coat or a light jacket, it's a piece of piss mate."

"We can't even shut the roof now no matter what weather we are expecting. I'm not happy, that looked like sweet as and I haven't had chance to do it yet, but Warren used to do it all the time. WalesOnline aren't happy either, they have a lot more space to fill now so they have to write about hotels and weather presenter's tweets to fill the column inches."

"It used to be alright in the good old days with Michael Fish and Carol Kirkwood; she was lovely wasn't she? I even liked Ulrikakakaka back then, remember her? Not like these ones now. I can't think of another job where you get it wrong everyday and still don't get sacked; well maybe to CEO of World Rugby, but that's another matter."

"I mean some of the presenters seem nice enough, but even they don't believe in it any more. Benni's got her own radio show and Derek's doing that Weatherman Walking thing. I quite like that. He was going up the Pen yr Ole Wen, it was great," added the former policeman

"But now it's all fancy graphics and CGI. Where's the old symbols the clouds and the sun and shit? At least then you knew where you stood. They don't even do the pressure anymore. I don't really know what it meant, but it was nice to know it just in case.; would it hurt them to bring the isobars back more regularly."

When questioned further Pivac reiterated, "yeah mate, i could definitely do it. It's only standing about and pointing at the graphics innit? It's not like they are jumping around the map like that Fred bloke used to on This Morning and even he turned out to be a nonce in the end."

"Any way," the Kiwi coach concluded, "I've got to go bro, the microwave's beeping so I think my cuppa is ready."

Ospreys head coach admitted he was taken a back at Pivac's opinions. "Am I surprised? Yeah, I suppose I am, really. It's Wayne's opinion. Wayne has his reasons and so those questions are really for him."

Sian Lloyd wasn't available for comment (because we didn't want to waste her time with nonsense articles based on something nobody actually said).

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Ben Lewis
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