Thursday, May 16, 2013

British Lions Celtic Warrior

Brian O'Driscoll is a Celtic warrior. Born centuries earlier, there can be no doubt, the Leinster centre would have been at ease on the battle ground and fighting at close quarters. On the field, O'Driscoll is every bit the Irish kern and he isn't ready for the pyre yet, signing a one year extension with Leinster and Ireland.

However, O'Driscoll is becoming battle weary, worn down and worn out having pushed his every fibre to breaking point and then further still over a 14 year career that isn't yet at the end. BOD is in exceptional shape for a player of 34 in a high impact, gruelling sport that causes some bodies to age in ways that only dogs can sympathise with.
Now though, on the eve of the Challenge Cup Final and so close the start of the Lions tour, another injury has struck like the weapon of a foe. O'Driscoll will treat it as little more than a flesh wound, missing the Cup final will hurt, but Australia for his fourth Lions trip will be the real victory.

Warren Gatland will want BOD in that red shirt come June, not just for his talent, but for his character, for his grit, for his determination.
Replacements will be lining up as I type, hopeful the Gods of opportunity should shine upon them should injury finally fell him ahead of the tour.

And of potential replacements there is no shortage and of their skills there can be no questions. The problem is, few in the world are comparable to the mercurial Irishman and absolutely none are Brian O'Driscoll for as a player and as a man, he is unique.

Adh mor Brian. See you in Hong Kong.

Disturbed - Warrior

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